Sunday, July 6, 2008

We like Amsterdam!!

Wed July 2nd - Sat July 5th

Only two days in this pleasant open city had us feeling very much at home. The locals ruise past on bicycles (you have to be careful not to get skittled!) and this seems to set the laid-back tone, why rush??

We “did” the museums and Anne Frankhuis and while we enjoyed the great stuff to see it was the sense of being at ease which capped it off. Elaine sniffed out free classical music in Vondelpark so on the Thursday we took a picnic – we still had a bottle of French wine! - with food from the lovely Welsh woman who has just opened a takeaway in the “Newtown”like district (Elaine read the review in a street paper, the woman hadn't even seen the review and was grateful for a copy for her window!) The goodies included chicken curry with cous cous AND rhubarb and strawberry crumble!! Just like being at Homebush for concets in Feb – only this is Holland – the violinist was excellent and the sax quartet played some Phillip Glass, among others!

Van Gogh was open until 10 on Friday so after a day out and a snooze we attended to find, to our delight, that the evening included free music (string quartet, modern stuff, this time) so with red wine and nibbles we relaxed in the lovely gallery and thought how lucky we are – just like being at an AGNSW soiree but when your gaze wandered if always fell on a Van Gogh!!

Home via our Vondlepark – we had seen the food there last night – it was modern dance tonight, we only stayed a little while and were home early (10.30) to do some skyping and sleep.

Up early and to train via tram (same friendly conductor who was delighted to see us!) and off to Brussels.

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Scott Hansen said...

G'day travellers,
Sounds like another fantastic week has been enjoyed by all - Mick, I hope to see some pictures of Amsterdam's famous tourist attractions when you get back. Sounds like you'll be fighting fit for WYD when you return - try to bring back some French wine for those long nights at Homebush. Cheers!

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