Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Couple of Great Days -and a luggage crisis!!

ROME!! Ah Roma!


Being here at this time of the year is like having two days in one. Out early/walk for ages/eat lunch .. come home around 2 and Sleep!! ... Out again about 6/ walk for ages/eat, drink, laugh, drink, wander/ stagger home around 12/ Sleep!!! Get up and do it again!

The only downside has been that MaryAnn and Brendan's luggage was lost in London (serves them right for going frequent flyer). This could have been a minor inconvenience but they we really strung along and it was never sure if the luggage would even come – lots of promises “in two hours”. It all sounds minor now that both cases have arrived but it was a long an anxious time for them,

The weather has been great – short sleeves, shorts- eating outside – hats but not too hot. Baby bear's porridge in fact! We have a great B/B with a very hospitable young host who was of great help during the great luggage crisis. We are near Sante Croce (for the purists) down the Colosseo end. Great neighbourhood easy shopping for essentials such as gelato and panini.

We have walked forever. Highlights being San Clemente, the Pantheon by moonlight, the Forum ditto, view across Rome from hill near Villa Borghese towards sunset. Other memories: standing shoulder to shoulder with the locals drinking our coffee – Mick is glad the Italian kids taught him how to strut and swagger but somehow the beer gut, shorts and Akubra spoil the look – the waiter made cowboy gestures and noises!! A lovely meal, with to much beer and wine each evening – al fresco, of course. Many churches, cherubs and ciaos.

Thursday is dawning, must away so much to do.

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Scott Hansen said...

Ah, the envy of it all! Mick, I can't show this to Laela or she'll really start putting pressure on for a visit 'home'. What a fantastic place...gelato within walking distance! Glad to hear that you are having a great time...I think it has been raining here everyday since you left. Tell the pontiff and his pilgrims to bring their gumboots for Randwick.

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