Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Cup of Tea, a Becks and a Good Lie Down!!

I tell you Heaven is going to be pretty good!!

We have become Italian Tuscans up early, walk to town do the shopping and have a chat and coffee, come home around one, have a beer and a wine and a bit of lunch (and a swim for MaryAnn) have a snooze for a couple of hours then head back out again around 5!! It has been a beautiful sunny morning and to get to town we climb up this narrow, overgrown farm track which emerges into this medieval (what isn't?) village. We have decided that our own village of Radda in Chianti is pretty good by Tuscan standards. It isn't one of the “must see” tourist spots such as Volterra (see below) but it is a real gem with all the attractions without the crowds.

From five onwards we had the most exceptional evening. BBQ and drinks, meal on the patio as the evening quietly fell. Scott's little computer played Kenneth McKellar singing classics. We were still there at eleven laughing and talking and reflecting on the gift that is life. Heaven will be great if earth can be this good!

We visited Volterra (a classic tourist destination) on Monday. Beautiful walled village, delightful church, the best Roman ampitheatre in Italy, great coffee, very colourful. The drive was around 90 minutes (these roads are not built for speed unless you are an Italian on a motoguzzi). Glorious weather again although a storm rolled in late. We wandered home around seven via another scenic track and fell asleep quickly after a few reds.

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Scott Hansen said...

G'day Mick, hope you're feeling better by the time you read this. Watching your little video certainly made me feel better...I'm sitting hear in Leichhardt, my 3rd day of project training (today is intermediate about a steep learning curve). Things here are as you'd expect...wyd, wyd, wyd...wyd! We still don't know what our contributions will be. I know where I'd rather be right now, I'd even cop the odd headache!

How are the locals after the flogging they copped in Euro08? Probably the same as us NSW supporters after the State of Origin flogging on Wednesday.

Take care...not too much of the red.

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