Friday, June 6, 2008

The Vatican and Robert Mugabe!!

Another lovely day! A bit of a later start and we headed for the Vatican as Liz had told us that the crowds were OK. She was right and we walked straight in. It seemed to be better than ever with more galleries open and a better arrangement for the crowds. The ability to see the gardens more closely and to peruse some of the modern art was great. The Sistine and the Raphael Rooms were wonderful if a little distracting with the crowds.

Mick was disappointed that no one commented on his WYD 08 shirt although he appreciated the Plenary Indulgence gained for wearing it into St. Peter's. MaryAnn took us into the crypt and there among the graves we came face to face with Robert Mugabe!! (He is in town for some HOG meeting)) How bizarre' meeting a murderer at the burial place of the Popes – we were too flabbergasted to take a photo even if the security would have allowed it!

A wonderful lazy walk (fuelled by the regulation beer stop) across the Tiber to Piazza Nuova and on to the Pantheon where a Nashville Uni choir put on an impromptu acapella concert – truly amazing! Surprisingly it seemed more spiritual than any of the other churches!

Home to eat and early bed (10.30!!) to do it all again tomorrow.

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