Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wed to Saturday Week One in Radda

Well we are slowing down a little!! Wednesday was Siena. Another beautiful place with the Duomo reminiscient of Florence and the rather special Campo. The weather was pretty good and it is only about an hour from here (although we took another half an hour to find a park!!). The up and down hills make Siena different and we were all fascinated by St. Catherine's head and digit!(p.s “Not me!” says Elaine) On the way back we visited Castel D'Albola – a local winery (there are dozens!) Fortunately or unfortunately, we decided that we really aren't able to tell a lot of difference between the good ones and the cheapies (peasants that we are) so we renewed our pledge not to spend more than 4 euro on a bottle! Home for another cooler but still lovely night.

Thurs was really quiet – weather wet, us tired! Didn't get to Radda till 11- shopped for fruit and Mick spent time on the internet. Down the hill again, snooze, dinner, quiet night ... Lovely!!

Friday was Florence, our favourite place!! Again about an hour away. We wandered at our leisure just feeling good to be back in this lovely place with its colour and magic and the Duomo appearing almost magically at so many corners – especially in the summer sun!! There was actually a storm around one so we headed into the Pitti Palace with all those great paintings – any single room on show in Canberra would have us all on the Hume! After a late lunch sitting in the sun we headed for the Brancacci Chapel with those frescoes. Then wandered slowly back across the Arno (with gelati) and back up the rise. After a beer and some shopping we headed off around 7.15 and just made the Alimentaria in Radda. MaryAnn cooked a simple yet lovely pasta meal for the tired but happy bunnies, who quickly fell into a deep sleep!

Saturday had lots planned but the wearies took over! We were up sluggishly and with local internet on MaryAnn and Brendan Skyped Liam and the girls. Mick checked out accomodation for London and we simply went shopping for groceries at Poggibonsi (30 mins away). We were going out for dinner but the BBQ beckoned and we just stayed home – the weather was glorious – MaryAnn forced us to play “Spicks and Specs” and Charades (Mick was outstanding, of course – wails of protest from the girls with maryAnn saying that Mick was *****!!) before we retired.

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Scott Hansen said...

Hi Mick, sitting here in a team meeting about to find out the details of wyd...reading your blog makes me feel incredibly envious but I'm really glad you're having a great time. I'll email you the "good news" about wyd soon.

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